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SmartWorks Pro е професионален софтуер за работа с широкоформатните скенери на Colortrac. За разлика от базовият софтуер SmartWorks Pro включва възможности за създаване на цветни профили, растерна редакция и документно управление.

One interface –Two applications: SmartWorks Pro Scan – Scan to file only (no support for printers or copying) /

SmartWorks Pro Scan & Copy – Scan to file and Copy to the printer simultaneously or Scan or Copy independently
Mouse and Touch Screen compatible: Choose the style of operation that suits you. Use the Preset Filters and a touch screen for straightforward scanning or copying operations Use the mouse for more detailed re-working of the scanned image, for modifying presets or when creating multiple document files
Optimized Windows Printer Driver Support: Great color, straight from the box. Use any Windows compatible printer. Integrates with any ICC profiles supplied with the Windows driver
Scan Once: Edit straight from the scan, as many times as you need. No need to re-scan the document every time an adjustment is required. Reduces image process time and increases productivity
Many automatic features: Auto paper size detection. Auto start scanning. Batch Scanning. Auto Name / Date & Time stamp. Overwrite Control options. Auto File Save. Improved Automatic Paper Deskew
Advanced Editing Features: Smooth de-skew – with unique left and right high-accuracy windows Extend Borders – quickly produce larger printed outputs from tightly cropped originals. 4-Vu – configure 4 different areas of the scan for high-speed post-scan inspection. High Speed Viewer with auto-pan, zoom in/out, 1:1 and separate bird’s eye navigation window. 10 fully customizable Preset filters for repeatable results
Multiple Black & White Modes: Grayscale – 8 bit, 256 levels of gray Bi-tonal (simple original). Adaptive Thresholding (difficult original) Fully Dithered (Photo, Line Art & Mixed). Can repair image information on old or badly copied and faded originals
Total Color Management: Transform and enhance all aspects of scanned images and output. Profile scanner and printer using IT8-ICC color technology for best possible reproduction. Display images on a calibrated screen (screen calibration equipment not included). Save scans RAW or with embedded color space profiles. Create printer profiles for your own ink and paper consumables to produce the best possible color output
Functionally Adaptive User Interface: Simple set-up of scan or copy for non-specialist users. Quick access to extensive editing tools for dedicated scan professionals
Fully Indexed Help File: Fully translated and searchable on relevant subject matter. Subject related help information
Supported File Formats: TIFF, TIFF packed bits, TIFF LZW, TIFFG3, TIFFG4, JPEG3, JPEG2000, PDF, PDF/A, PNG, BMP, PCX, Multiple Page Document manager for TIFF and PDF files, AutoCAD DWF
Color Spaces: RAW, RGB Profiled, sRGB and Adobe RGB
Maximum Scan Length: TIFF format – Primary scan TIFF data (internal to program) cannot exceed 4GB approximating to 83ft (25m) @ 200dpi or 20ft (6.3m) @ 400dpi for a 34in (841mm) wide RGB scan. Narrower scan widths will yield longer scan lengths for same dpi. JPEG & PDF – limited to 65535 dots in paper direction per scan or 4GB of primary scan data whichever occurs first. Final scan files will be smaller than 4GB. Longer documents can be created in PDF or TIFF format as continuing separate pages in a single file using the SmartWorks Pro Create Multi Page document function
Maximum Copy Length: Manual size mode – Copy length determined by printer manufacturer. Auto size mode – Varies according to printer (usually less than manual mode)
10 Preset Filters: Setup for quick selection of preferred key scanning parameters for the most common document types
Crop copy: Strip unwanted printer margin from copies of inkjet printed originals. Useful when copying images of almost total paper coverage and where copied output must be to the same size paper. Only printer data is affected
Multi Page Document Manager: Allows JPEG, TIFF, PDF(1 page) and PNG, monochrome and color files, physically large or small to be built into one self-contained PDF or TIFF file
Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems





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